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Monday, October 28, 2013

Note about Google+ and Commenting

Hi dear regular blogging friends!
Well, I finally did it! I joined Google+ and I tell you, I am confused by it. It's a bit overwhelming but I'm going to stick with it for awhile and see (I actually don't see where I have a choice...). But unfortunately I also discovered the following after joining:

From Google + : 

What if my readers don’t have a Google+ profile or page? Can they still comment?

Google + : No, but they will be prompted to create one when they attempt to comment.

Do my readers have to upgrade their Blogger profile to a Google+ profile to comment?

Google+ : No. Although they can only comment using their Google+ profile or page, they can continue maintaining their separate Blogger profile. However, their comments will not link back to their Blogger profile, since the two are not connected.

Ann here: 
So please send me an email if you find you can't comment (annnichols3@gmail.com). I really do treasure your comments (and this strange on-line friendship that comes from blogging).


Dora said...

Hi Anne! I thought I would post a comment so you can see if it works, or not. This blogging thing is crazy isn't it? Since I moved to Wordpress I feel like I lost my blogger friends, it's so weird. Good luck!

Out on the prairie said...

see if t works, In haven't changed

Ann Nichols said...

It doesn't link back to you! I think I have to ask that everyone writes their blog address down to be on the safe side! I'll find you in old comments now!

Dora said...

Oh boy Anne! Take two!

Cathy Keller said...

Wonderful pictures as always...I was able to visit St. Nicholas Church in North Walsham, England at Christmas time in 2005. Love visiting here !!! Cathy