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Monday, October 28, 2013

St. Nicholas Church - Cranleigh, England

Church of England Parish for Cranleigh 
The first St. Nicholas Church built in tiny hamlet of "Cranley" in 1170
Image courtesy: St. Nicholas Church
Look at the church today!
Image courtesy: St. Nicholas Church
The Nave
Image courtesy: St. Nicholas Church
What's unusual about this?
The plain window.
Of fourteen stain-glass windows only three survived when a bomb exploded near the church in 1944...
This is a vibrant church. Please visit its extensive and wonderful website to learn more about it's long history and current events that welcomes all!
As always it is the people who make up a church and as the following photos show, this St. Nicholas church has plenty!
Happy little ones:
Dancing girls (and one gracious boy!):
Dear helping hands:
Last three images courtesy: St. Nicholas Church
Many thanks to the wonderful people of Cranleigh's St. Nicholas Church!

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Thanks and blessings!


Out on the prairie said...

what a lovely church, it faired well

Ann Nichols said...

Thanks! Loved your post!