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Monday, October 21, 2013

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church - Wyckoff, New Jersey, USA

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church
Image Courtesy: OrthodoxWorld
A beautiful and peaceful center of Christian worship.
Image Courtesy: Wyckoff
Image Courtesy: NorthJersey
From the community's 40th year of service celebration journal
(1971 - 2011):

 St. Nicholas Church Through the Years
History of  the St. Nicholas Church in Wyckoff, N.J.
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Many thanks to George Corniotes for his help in providing this information on his church.

This St. Nicholas church stands as an amazing testament to the giving spirit of the people who make up the church of Christ. It's a church filled with wonderful people. I even know some of them!

Many Blessings!


Pat said...

What an unusual shape Church - it's really quite beautiful xx

Lois Evensen said...

Hello Ann,

So nice to see your post! We are just off the ship so I am now back among "normal" people - those who can access the Internet whenever they wish. ;)

I thought of you last week when I received a special order to make two Eastern Orthodox Nun Barbie outfits at my Etsy shop. I will begin working on them as soon as we get home this week and have them promised for December. This will be such fun! I have already made RC nuns. This is a special challenge to make in crochet.

I truly enjoy your posts of the lovely churches around the world.

All the very best,

Madi and Mom said...

Hey Miss Ann mom and I love that first picture with the feathery clouds.
Starving in NC
Madi your BFFF