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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Olive Trees in Springtime!

From the award winning PJ Kabos Olive Oil company...
One of the company's beautiful groves in the Peloponnese of Greece,
near Ancient Olympia,
from where PJ Kabos extra virgin olive oil
gets it's start.
I will be showcasing a few Springtime views of the company's path to producing it's award winning 
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
during the next few posts.
Hope you enjoy!

What has this got to do with St. Nicholas and Christmas...well, olive oil was definitely in St. Nicholas' diet!
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Out on the prairie said...

Had to see what brand I am using. I use it for everything.

Dora said...

Ann! Or Melanie! I'm glad to see you're still blogging and now you're walking around Athens. Love your out of the way photos. The new blog doesn't have a space to comment so I thought I'd come back here to say hello. I've moved to a Wordpress space and miss reading my regulars. Come visit some time, good luck with the new space!