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Monday, May 5, 2014

While Walking Around Greece - Olive Trees - PJ Kabos

Image (and knowledge) courtesy: P.J. Kabos
The Olive Tree Flower!!
It is so delicate and just lovely to behold upon the 
olive-green and silver leaves of the trees.
This photo was taken almost two weeks ago, exactly one day after the previous post.

Note: PJKabos will soon (within the next two weeks) be selling their award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil via Amazon.com 
(For those of you in Europe, it is already sold via Amazon.co.uk- just press "buy" on Product Page and it links directly to Amazon.co.uk)
It is the Best Olive Oil - and living in Greece, 
believe me, 
I have come to know olive oils 
(Just as I'm sure...St. Nicholas did, of course!)

Monday, April 28, 2014

While Walking Around Greece - Olive Trees - P.J. Kabos

Image (and knowledge) courtesy: P.J. Kabos Olive Oil 

Closed Olive Tree Buds...
But in just one day...
well, come back and see tomorrow!
(But I must admit, it's something I find quite amazing!)

And... this is a sight St. Nicholas, living in the Greek world of Asia Minor in the 3rd  and 4th centuries would have often seen!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Olive Trees in Springtime!

From the award winning PJ Kabos Olive Oil company...
One of the company's beautiful groves in the Peloponnese of Greece,
near Ancient Olympia,
from where PJ Kabos extra virgin olive oil
gets it's start.
I will be showcasing a few Springtime views of the company's path to producing it's award winning 
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
during the next few posts.
Hope you enjoy!

What has this got to do with St. Nicholas and Christmas...well, olive oil was definitely in St. Nicholas' diet!
(On a personal note, please join me at my currently more active blog, Melanie Karis... Thanks!)